Virgin Coconut Oil from organic farming

virgin coconut oil from organic farming
Bio Siegel
Non EU Agriculture
  • not bleached
  • not deodorized
  • not hydrogenated
  • not refined
  • vegan
  • without additives

Our organic Virgin Coconot Oil is produced from the flesh of freshly picked, ripe coconuts. The coconuts are harvested by hand and brought to the oil mill. There, the flesh gets grated, dried carefully, pressed and filtered. the result is a clear, aromatic oil, witch is not refined or bleached. Nor does it get hydrogenated and deodorized.

Virgin Coconut oil crystallizes at temperatures below 26°C and is therefore solid most of the year. In addition, it is very heat-stabel and because of its high content of medium-chain fatty acids, like lauric acid, it is suitable for a ketogenic diet. The coconut palm trees are not sprayed with pesticides.

How to use Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil can be used for cooking, baking and frying due to its heat stability. It adds a delicate scent of coconut to all dishes and can be used as a spread, a substitute for butter and margarine.

It can also be used for skin and hair care.

Country of origin: Philippines/Sri Lanka

Packaging solutions for Virgin Coconut Oil

  • virgin coconut oil 200ml
  • virgin coconut oil 350ml
  • virgin coconut oil 500ml
  • virgin coconut oil 700ml
  • virgin coconut oil 1000ml
  • virgin coconut oil wire strap 1000ml
  • virgin coconut oil 1420ml
Content Art. No. Lid Material MOQ P./C. Sa. C. Lids
185g/200ml 101812 gold/black glass jar 1000 6 yes 120.000 pcs.
320g/350ml 101813 gold/black/withe glass jar 1000 6 yes 90.000 pcs.
460g/500ml 101814 gold/black/withe glass jar 500 6 yes 90.000 pcs.
645g/700ml 101815 gold/black/withe glass jar 500 6 yes 90.000 pcs.
920g/1000ml 101882 withe HDPE (withe) 500 6 no
920g/1000ml 101890 wire strap closure glass jar 500 6 no
1300g/1420ml 101819 gold / withe glass jar 500 6 yes on request