Coconut Blossom Syrup from organic farming

Kokosblütensirup aus biologischem Anbau
Bio Siegel
Non EU Agriculture
  • not bleached
  • not refined
  • supports small farmers
  • sustainable
  • traditionally produced
  • vegan
  • without additives

Organic coconut blossom syrup is made from coconut blossom sap which is collected by tapping the inflorescence of the coconut palm tree. The sap is filtered and heated under controlled temperatures. As it is neither bleached nor refined, the result is a sweet, golden brown syrup with a pleasant caramel flavour.

Coconut blossom syrup is an alternative for maple and agave syrup and has a higher content of potassium. The biological diversity is protected as the coconut palm trees grow in their natural surroundings. Our suppliers are small scale farmers.

How to use Coconut Blossom Syrup

Coconut blossom syrup can be used to replace conventional sweeteners, to season muesli, desserts and cakes, or as a basis for marinade.

Country of origin: Philippines

Packaging solutions for Coconut Blossom Syrup

  • Kokosblütensirup 250g
  • Kokosblütensirup 500g
Content Art. No. Lid Material MOQ Pieces
250g 145052 gold PET Squeezer Bottle 1120 6
500g 145053 gold PET Squeezer Bottle 560 6