Coconut Blossom Vinegar “Classic” from organic farming

Kokosblütenessig "Classic" aus biologischem Anbau
Bio Siegel
Non EU Agriculture
  • free from preservatives
  • natural fermentation
  • traditional, handmade production
  • vegan
  • with natural sediments
  • without additives

Coconut Sap is a sweet juice that exudes from coconut blossoms or unopend inflorescence. It contains enzymes, natural acetic acid and wild yeats as well as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

All these nutrients present in the vinegar start the natural fermentation process. As the vinegar ages, sediments start to form. They are a natural characteristic of pure, unadultered organic Coconut Blossom Vinegar.

Our Coconut Blossom Vinegar is unique and cannot be compared to the regular coconut vinegar which is being produced from old coconut water.

How to use Coconut Blossom Vinegar “Classic”

It can be used to season or as a basis for dressings.

Country of origin: Philippines

Content 200 kg / 200 Liter
Article No. 155000
Packaging Drum
MOQ 1 pc.
Unit / Pallet 4 pcs.