Coconut Chips from organic farming

Kokosnusschips aus biologischem Anbau
Bio Siegel
Non EU Agriculture
  • free from preservatives
  • individual flavours
  • vegan

Our organic coconut chips are made from fresh, white fruit flesh of coconuts which is grated and dried. We offer the following flavors:

“Sweet Mascobado”
“Vanilla Caramel”

“Hot Chili”
“Rose bell pepper”
“BBQ Style”
“Orange Chili”
“Salty Vinegar”

How to use Coconut Chips

All three varieties are a valuable, crunchy snack and therefore an alternative to conventional chips and savory snacks.

“Sweet Mascobado” goes very well with fruit salads and muesli.

If you like your poultry fillet spicy, try crushing the “Hot Chili” Chips and mix them into your (breadcrumb) coating.

“Indian Curry” is perfect for Asian dishes.

Produced in: Germany

Packaging solutions for Coconut Chips

  • Kokosnusschips im Glas 90g
  • Kokosnusschips im Glas 140g
  • Kokosnusschips im Glas 210g
  • Kokosnusschips im Folienbeutel ab 60g
    from 60g
Content Art. No. Colour/Lid Colour Material MOQ Pieces
90g gold/black/white glass jar 500 6
140g gold/black/white glass jar 500 6
210g gold/black/white glass jar 500 6
ab 60g OPP bag (4 colour allover print) * 12