Coconut Cream / Milk from organic farming

coconut milk from organic farming
Bio Siegel
Non EU Agriculture
  • free from preservatives
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • vegan

Organic coconut cream/milk UHT/aseptic is extracted from 100% fresh mature coconut meat. Coconut cream has a fat content of 24%. Coconut milk is available with a fat content of 8 – 22%.

For the production the producer employees the most advanced UHT and aseptic packing technologies to preserve the natural freshness and flavor without adding preservatives.

The products are available in two different alternatives:

How to use Coconut Cream / Milk

Coconut Cream/Milk is a substitute to dairy products and is often used in exotic cuisine. It gives all dishes a pleasant coconut flavor.

As a lactose free alternative to milk and cream, it can be used for muesli, shakes and smoothies, too.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Variaties Coconut Cream / Milk without / with Guar Gum
Content 19,8 kg / 20 l
Article No. 188813 / 187880
Packaging Bag in box, aseptic
MOQ 30 carton á 19,8 kg
Unit / Pallet 30 carton á 19,8 kg