Creamed Coconut from organic farming

creamed coconut from organic farming
Bio Siegel
Non EU Agriculture
  • free from preservatives
  • not bleached
  • vegan
  • without additives

Organic creamed coconut is a natural product from finely ground coconut meat. Its fine taste and aroma is an enrichment for sweet and spicy dishes. Our creamed coconut can be used as an alternative to dairy products when dissolved in warm water. It’s neither bleached nor hydrogenated and at temperatures below 26°C it is firm and therefore easy to portion.

How to use Creamed Coconut

Creamed Coconut is suitable for cooking and baking and ideal for bread spreads, smoothies and shakes. Used as an alternative to milk and cream in soups and sauces, they get a creamy consis-tency and a pleasant coconut flavour.

Country of origin: Philippines/Sri Lanka

Packaging solutions for Creamed Coconut

  • creamed coconut 225g
  • creamed coconut 450g
Content Art. No. Lid Material MOQ P./C. Sa.
225g 288813 gold/black/withe glass jar 530 6 yes
450g 288816 gold/black/withe glass jar 530 6 yes
141g/150g/170g/200g   Folded box * 40